• The changing face of China

    As the power transfer begins in Beijing, Kent Deng with the London School of Economics explains it to CNN.

  • Defiant Assad: I’m not a puppet

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warns agaisnt foreign intervention, saying it would have a „domino impact” on the world.

  • Medical marijuana without the high

    An Israeli company has cultivated a new type of medical marijuana. CNN’s Sara Sidner reports.

  • Japan’s endless cleanup battle

    Japan’s endless task of tsunami cleanup faces a long road, filled with obstacles, as CNN’s Alex Zolbert reports.

  • Dogs get makeover for fashion show

    Becky Anderson visits Battersea Dogs & Cats home to meet the four-legged models set to make their debut on the catwalk.

  • China: One party, two factions

    Two distinct groups compose China’s Communist Party, the Elitists and the Populists. CNN’s Pauline Chiou explains.

  • China’s Hu Jintao issues warning

    China’s outgoing president urges leaders to reign in corruption and calls for continued reforms. Stan Grant reports.

  • Urgent help needed for Syrian refugees

    The executive director of the World Food Program discusses the need for more aid at refugee camps in Syria.

  • How China’s leadership is chosen

    CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout breaks down how members of China’s Politburo Standing Committee are selected.

  • Lebanon bombing aftermath

    CNN’s Nick Patton Walsh reports on the high tension in Lebanon after the assassination of a top intelligence official.

  • Canada combats bullying epidemic

    CNN’s Randi Kaye talks to Canadian lawmakers, one who lost his son to suicide, about cracking down on bullying.

  • Muslim faithful converge for 2012 Hajj

    A pilgrimage for millions of Muslims is under way at Islam’s holiest site. CNN’s Fionnuala Sweeney reports.

  • Brown: Malala a symbol for girls’ rights

    Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about Malala’s health and her becoming a symbol around the world.

  • Car bomb rips through heart of Beirut

    A car bomb in Beirut is sparking fears of a Syria spillover effect. CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh reports.

  • Sunni community will ‘unleash its wrath’

    Prof. Hilal Khashan talks to Hala Gorani about how the Sunni community will respond to the bombing in Beirut.

  • Beirut car bomb: Suspects at-large still

    Mohammed Jamjoom with the latest news out of Beirut.

  • Raw video: Beirut bomb blast aftermath

    Raw CNN video of the scene of a deadly car bomb blast in the Ashrafiyeh district of East Beirut, Lebanon.

  • Julien Temple’s London

    The eyes of the world are on London. Filmmaker Julien Temple explains the city’s appeal through the ages.

  • Sole survivor: Christian Louboutin

    The shoe designer talks to Sara Sidner about his A-list clients and the power of an impressive shoe.

  • Louboutin’s red sole story

    Shoe designer Christian Louboutin tells CNN’s Sara Sidner the story behind his shoe’s iconic red soles.

  • Obama vows to end Afghan war

    On a surprise visit to Kabul, President Obama pledged to end the Afghan war responsibly. Nick Paton Walsh reports.

  • Ballet provides opportunity in Manila

    Ballet is proving to be a route out of the shanty towns of Manila for a lucky few young dancers. Kyung Lah reports.

  • Obama: Afghan partnership looks to peace

    President Obama’s surprise visit to Afghanistan is marked with the signing of a new strategic partnership for peace.

  • Security firms in high demand in Mexico

    The number of Mexican security firms triples as violence grows. CNN’s Rafael Romo reports.

  • CNN chased out of dissident’s village

    CNN has been chased out of the village of fugitive dissident Chen Guangcheng. CNN’s Stan Grant reports.

  • Rupert Murdoch: ‘I was not aware’

    Rupert Murdoch admits he ‘failed’ in the phone hacking scandal but says executives were ‘shielded’ from the cover up.

  • May Day comes to South Africa

    May Day in South Africa highlights a high unemployment rate. CNN’s Robyn Curnow reports.

  • Open Mic: Pakistanis discuss bin Laden

    CNN’s Open Mic went to the streets of Islamabad to ask Pakistani citizens how they would remember Osama bin Laden.